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Growth Tools for WhatsApp

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Another option you can find in the WhatsApp section is the Growth Tools. Here you can find three easy ways to direct traffic to your WhatsApp channel πŸ’¬

You can create a clickable link for your channel, create a QR code for your users to scan to begin a chat, and create a Widget to embed in your website! 🀯

Let's have a look at these sections in detail!

Here you can generate a link that, when clicked, will start a WhatsApp chat on your channel! You can share this link wherever you want to get your bot out there!

You can even pre-fill the first message that your user will send to start the chat! Set this message to anything you like!

QR Code to Start Chat

In this section you can generate and download a QR code. When the user scans this QR code, they will be directed to your WhatsApp channel! πŸ€–

Here you can also pre-fill the first message that your user will send to start the chat!

Widget to Chat

Finally, in this section you can create a widget to embed in your website. When clicked, the user can begin the chat!

Here you can edit several settings. You can:

  1. Choose your Avatar
  2. Set the Welcome Message
  3. Set the Brand Name
  4. Set the text in the CTA Button
  5. Set the Theme Color
  6. Set the Widget Button Color
  7. Make the Button corners more or less round
  8. Set the Widget Button Text

Once you have everything set up and you want, you can simply copy and pate the code, and embed it into your website!

For more information, you can check out our WhatsApp Widget article, here.

And that's it! Share your bot in 3 different ways with the Growth Tools section!

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