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Embedding Landbot in Carrd

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Embedding Landbot in Carrd is fairly simple, you just need a PRO account to do so, here's how.

Livechat Embed

Step One: Select Embed from dropdown

Once you select this option, you'll just drag and drop the embed container, don't worry about the location as it will automatically be in the bottom right corner.

Step Two: Copy and paste embed code

First you'll copy the Livechat embed code from the bot, click on the code block you imported from the last step, and scroll down to 'Code', paste here the embed script from the bot, that's it! Just save and publish.

Embed Type 'Container'

Step One: Select Embed from dropdown

Once you select this option, you'll just drag and drop the embed container where you want the bot, don't worry about the size as that's something you'll change in the bot itself.

Step Two: Modify embed code

Here's where we'll chose the height and width of our embed code, just go to 'Embed' in your Landbot and you can change the height (it will automatically update the embed code) and copy the code, if you want to change the width you'll need to do it manually by changing the highlighted text:

Step Three: Select type and add Landbot embed code

For the type we'll select 'code' even though Landbot is an iframe, we need to use code to add the HTML from the embed snippet.

We'll leave the style as 'Inline' and add our embed snippet in the code box. This is what it will look like:

Step Four: Save and publish

The last thing we need to do is publish the bot, keep in mind that you won't see the bot until you check the published website

Interactive Tutorial


1. The first step is to click the plus sign in Carrd

Step 1 image

2. Click Embed

Step 2 image

3. Scroll down and click No Code

Step 3 image

4. With your mouse, click and drag No Codeembed, then drop it on highlight

Step 4 image

4b. Drop

Step 4b image

5. Click No Code

Step 5 image

6. Click No Code

Step 6 image

7. Scroll down and click 'Code'

Step 7 image

8. Paste your Landbot embed code

Step 8 image

9. Scroll down and click Done

Step 9 image

10. Click Publish

Step 10 image

11. Click Publish Changes

Step 11 image

12. Click View Site

Step 12 image

13. That's it. You're done.

Step 13 image

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