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Capture all the messages from the bot, customer and agent easily.

How to set up a MessageHook (Landbot webhook)

1. Collect the bot channel id, to do so, go to Channel Section

If is a Web chatbot, please go to this url:

2. Once you select the Bot/Channel, you will see the url:

In that case the channel:id will be 427474

3. Now we have the variable to build the URL of our MessageHook:

So with the example will be :

4. Once the end point is set up, we will set up the Header for the Authentication, according the documentation:

5. To find out your API Key (string after the Token word) go to Account section, and at the bottom is the API Token:

6. Now that the URL, method and headers are done, you only need to set up the Body:

7. As tip to test you can use a service like RequestBin.

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