Hubspot Calendar in Landbot

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This workaround is only compatible with web bots

In this article we'll show you step by step how to integrate your Hubspot calendar in Landbot


The first step is to access your calendar, you can do this by going to Library, and then selecting Meetings Scheduler:

Next you'll select Actions, then Embed:

This will provide you with a script like the one in the image below, you'll need to copy it:


In Landbot we'll add a Messages block to the part of the flow where we want the Hubspot calendar:

We'll click on it, select the three dots, then select the brackets:

Then we'll paste our code inside of the black space:

The next step is to format it to fit the bot

We'll click on the three dots and select 'Copy block ID':

Next we'll go to Design/Custom Code/Add CSS and add the following snippet - replacing XXX for your block ID:

[data-block="XXXXX_0"] .MessageBubble{width:460px}

Click Apply, then share and publish, that's it!

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