For Landbot (Web)

  1. Text question: Probably the most flexible question type available, it allows users to type in anything. It can be short or long, but let's start by showing to you what the block looks like:

  1. First, drag and drop the green dot and type in "Text" to create this type of question.
  2. You'll see a menu where you can add text, format it, and customize the variable name where the answer will be saved (by default @text):

  1. You can also select whether you want the text area to be short or long by clicking on the toggle.
    1. A long text area looks like this:
    1. And a short text area looks like this:
The size of the text area suggest how much information you demand from your visitors, so use it wisely to avoid monosyllable-based convos!

For WhatsApp

For a list of all the blocks and current functionalities with Whatsapp bots, please check here

This block behaves exactly the same way as in the landbot (web) version. It accepts any kind of string also numbers, but everything is stored as a string

For Facebook Messenger

Coming soon

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