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Custom Goals

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If you need to track custom Goals in your flow, the Goal block is the right solution for you!

It's not always easy to validate if your leads are qualified or if they are matching your criteria.

Having a Goal block after certain questions helps you to easily track if the user has gone through a specific path in the flow! And now you can even create and track multiple goals within the flow 🎯

You'll be able to give to each goal a custom name within the block's configuration.

Tip: Goals are created within the whole Landbot Account, so you can reuse the same Goal across different bots.

As an example, you can distinguish your qualified leads from the unqualified, asking them if they are older than 18 years old or if they are interested in your product/service.

You can easily create a Goal block between two connected blocks using a shortcut by clicking on the arrow:

Note: Please note that if you delete a Goal block from the bot flow, the metrics of this goal will also be deleted from the Analyze > Metrics section of the bot.

But don't worry! If you want to check these metrics again, you just have to add the Goal block once again to the bot flow πŸ˜‰

Goals Metrics
Note: Remember to filter data by date so that the data reflect an accurate picture.

You can check the Goals metrics in the Analyze > Metrics section of your bot.

When you access this section, first, you'll see the overall basic metrics of your bot.

You should select one of the goals that you've already created, and then you will be able to see the number of users that have reached the chosen goal and its respective rate:

  • Goal completed - the number of users that chose the specific path where the selected Goal block is located in your flow;
  • Rate - the percentage (%) of users that have chosen the specific path where the selected Goal block is located in your flow. It's calculated according to the total number of users that have interacted with your bot.
  • Goals Logs - In the Integrations section of your account, it is possible to manage all your Goals, view and export their logs:

Tip: For quick access to the Goals' logs, you can click on the goal rate in the Analyze > Metrics section of your bot, and you will be redirected to the Custom Goals section in the Integrations Section of the account:

Note: The goal metrics are only available under Analyze > Metrics section of the bot, this data cannot be used as variables.

For more information about the Analyze section, please refer to this article.

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