What is a teammate?

A teammate is person who has access to your Landbot account, but with his/her own credentials. They will therefore be able to login into your account at the same time as you or any other active teammates.

What can a teammate do?

Depending on their permissions, a teammate can do all sort of things, but the most important one is to work in collaboration with everyone else, as a team🤝. The more people involved in the idealisation, creation and maintenance of the bots, the better results you will have.

The same bot cannot be modified simultaneously by several teammates because the last session saved will be the one that remains.

How can I add teammates?

To add teammates to your Landbot account follow these steps:

  1. Go to your profile section (Avatar in bottom left corner)
  2. Select Team
  3. In the section Teammates you will see a PLUS sign, press on it:
  4. Now the Add a teammate section will be displayed. Proceed to add the details of the teammate that you want to add:
  5. Once you press the button Add Teammate, you can share the credentials registered with your teammate so he/she can join!

Would you like to set up different permissions to different teammate? Please check this article

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