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Send a Message block - Simple Message

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For Landbot (Web)

If your Landbot does not send messages, what's the point? Learn the basics of chatbot building in this article!

Send Message blockย allowsย you to send a text to your visitors with just a couple of clicks.

To create a simple message, simply drag and drop the green dot of any image and select Send a Message:

Once created, you'll see a bunch of options to customize its content:

Copy/Delete/Add a message

When hovering the block, you'll see the option to duplicate (both the block and the message), a bin to delete the block, and a "+" to add an extra message to the sequence:


Use them to dynamically add already collected data from your users to your messages. E.g.:ย "How are you today, @name?"ย will display the visitor's name at the end. Click onย Variablesย to open a drop-down of the fields available, but make sure you don't add a variable that still doesn't have any value or it will not show!


Select the text you want to bold and click on the "B" below the text area to make it bold.


Select the text you want to make italic and click on the "I" below the text area to make it italic.


When clicked, it will switch the message view to HTML mode, feel free to add there any piece of HTML you need.ย 

Warning: the URL must be an HTTPS://ย otherwise you will get an error that will not allow you to save changes.
More options

... click on the three dots to discover even more formatting options! Click the "H" to make the text bigger, the list symbol to transform every line into a list, the quotation marks to transform the text into a quote, and, finally, select any part of the text and click the clip icon to hyperlink it!

Drag and drop Eight dots on the bottom left ๐Ÿ€ 

Drag and drop any message of the sequence to change its order.


To addย emojisย you have different options:ย โ€‹

(i) In case you are using aย MAC deviceย you can use the native emoji picker from Apple. To activate it you need to use the combination of the keyboard:ย Control + Cmd + Space ๐Ÿš€โ€‹

(ii) In case you are using aย non-MAC deviceย on aย Chrome Browserย you can install a virtual emoji keyboard in the Chrome Store. With the emoji keyboard, you can introduce any emoji you want into your text.ย 

Please also keep in mind that depending on the device your user use the emoji you choose could appear differently ๐Ÿ˜…

Tip: It is also possible to add Media to a Send a Message block, by clicking on the media option in the bottom of the block:

This will turn the Send a Message block from a Simple Message to a Media block. Please check out this article to see how to use the Media block.

When you add a second message, you will see two more options: Buttons to convert it to the Buttons block and Questions to convert to the Multi-question block.

For WhatsApp

This block has a limitation on the Hyperlink option, it will show the URL in the chat.

In the builder:

In WhatsApp:

Do not add more than two messages in sequence

For Facebook Messenger

This block has a limitation of 320 characters per message (and Emojis count as at least 2 characters). If the text in a Message block exceeds this limit, the viewer will see the text separated into different message blocks:

In the builder:

In Messenger:

Please see this article to find more information about the types of content that can be used in Messenger bots.

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