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Keyword Jump

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For Landbot (Web)

Feature available only in our Professional and Business plans

Keyword Jump is a block that lets you easily set up a condition for your visitor's flow based on text inputs.

The Keyword jump functionality allows you to redirect the flow if a value is contained in a string variable.

Imagine you need to redirect your visitors to a path based on the city they live in. In this case, you will have a flow like the one you can see below:

How to set up a Keyword Jump block

  1. Select Keyword Jump from the block selector:

  1. Select the variable to match:

  1. Add unique keywords that you want to match against the visitor's answers:

  1. Press Save. The outputs will be generated and displayed, including a default one:

  1. Connect to the desired flows. Remember the default one in case no keyword match:

ALWAYS remember to connect the DEFAULT option to a block in case the options you provide to the visitors don't apply to them.

What are the rules for the conditions with the Keyword Jump block?
  1. Dual keywords won't be recognized. Example: Keyword "big house" won't match "big house"

  1. It is NOT case sensitive. Example: Keyword "London" will match "London"

  1. If compared against a sentence it will be in the order of appearance. Example: Keywords "hello" & "good" & "morning" will match first with "Hello John" before "John, good morning"


How can I capture more than One Keyword, for example, "San Francisco"?

You can chain more than Two Keyword Jump block, so you can in the first one use the keyword "San" and in the second keyword use "Francisco"

For WhatsApp

This block behaves exactly the same way as in the Landbot (web) version.

For Facebook Messenger

This block behaves exactly the same way as in the Landbot (web) version.

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