How to Report an Abusive Use of Landbot

What is Considered an Abusive Use of Landbot

Landbot Users have the freedom to create bots and conversational experiences, but we do not allow the use of our services in any way that could be abusive or harmful to third parties.

For this purpose, it will be considered an abusive use of Landbot when a User creates a bot with one of the following contents:

1. Pornography or Nudity

Landbot can't be used to display pornography, nudity, or any kind of adult content intended to cause sexual arousal.

2. Solicitation of Bank Account Details and Credit Card Information

To avoid fraud and scams using our bots, we do not authorise the use of Landbot to ask for direct banking information such as credit card details, bank account numbers or any other relevant financial information for payment purposes.

Landbot Users are only allowed to process payments using our Stripe integration, which has enhanced safety measures to avoid fraud. Any banking information required without using the Stripe Integration will be considered an abusive use of Landbot.

3. Racial Discrimination or Hate Speech.

We do not allow the use of Landbot to promote hostility against people on the basis of race, religious affiliation, disability, sexual orientation, gender/gender identity, or ethnicity/national origin.

Landbot can't be used to spread hate, so we will not accept any kind of discrimination, credible threats, or hate speech inside our bots.

4. Virus, Malware and Phishing

We do not authorise the use of Landbot to spread virus, malware or Phishing attacks.

5. Intellectual Property Violation

Landbot does not allow the creation of bots that violates third party's intellectual property rights, including copyright and trademark.

6. Sensitive Content

Some people might not want to be exposed to sensitive content, and we intend to protect these people from any possibly offensive content inside our bots.

Therefore, Landbot Users are not allowed to display content that includes death, violence or sensitive content of any kind.

How Landbot Deals with Abuse

Once we receive an abuse report, we conduct an internal investigation to verify the accuracy of the information.

If we confirm the abuse, we contact the User and request the removal of the unauthorised content from the reported bots.

If the User does not collaborate, the account will be cancelled, and no refund will be given.

Report an Abuse

You can report a bot which you think violates our policy by writing to, informing the abuse and the URL of the bot.

Please keep in mind that reporting a bot or account to Landbot will trigger an internal investigation in order to confirm if there is an abusive use of our services, but it does not guarantee that the bot/account will be removed.

Any reported content will be finally considered abusive or not in Landbot's sole discretion.

Were You a Victim of an Abusive Use of Landbot?

As much as we want to keep third parties safe from the irregular use of our services, please keep in mind that we can only take action when an abuse occurs inside our bots, not when it happens outside of Landbot, in the User's website or third party tools.

Our Users take full responsibility for the use of our platform and services, as set forth in our Terms and Conditions, and agree to use our services within the Law.

If you were victim or are aware of the use of Landbot for illegal purposes, even though this use does not breach our policies, please report the case to the local authorities.

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