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Export flow on canvas as PNG

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Not currently available for WhatsApp and Messenger bots

If you need to share your bot flow with stakeholders who don't have access to the builder, you can export it as a PNG file.

The exported image will contain your flow exactly how it looks like on canvas, which means advanced setting and flows in bricks will not be visible. However, you can add notes to annotate them.

How to export a flow

  1. Inside of your bot, go to Share section > Export Flow

  1. Click Export > download will begin in a few seconds.

The export will capture the current flow on canvas, including unsaved changes.
  1. This is what the exported image will look like. It will include the entire canvas, and you can zoom in and still see all elements at 100% resolution.
Sometimes an export might accidentally include setting icons of each block. Simply retry to get a better image.

Add notes to your flow

If you are sharing a flow with external stakeholders, it'll be a good idea to add some notes. You can do so by either:

  • Using Note blocks
  • Using a 3rd-party annotation tool

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