For Landbot (Web)

Email question: we all love getting emails - that's what lead gen is all about - so this is one of the most important ones

  1. First, drag and drop the green dot and type in "Email" to create this type of question.
  2. Again, you'll see a menu where you can add text, format it, and customize the variable name where the answer will be saved (by default @email), right at the bottom:
Landbot automatically validates the format of the email address entered by your users, so they better makes sure it looks like "xx@xx.xx"! If they enter anything else, Landbot will launch an error message and will ask to enter it again.

Here is how it will display in a Landbot mobile chat / live chat window:

And this is how the error message (format validation) will look like:

If you want to change the content or the language of this message, all you have to do is go to Settings > Custom Responses and switch on the "Error message" and "Make each question validation error customizable".

Then you will be able to customize the error message from the builder:

For WhatsApp

For a list of all the blocks and current functionalities with WhatsApp bots, please check here

The Question: email feature will behave the same in WhatsApp.

Here is how it will be displayed:

And this is how the error message (format validation) will look like:

⚠️ At the moment, it's not possible to change this message in WhatsApp! ⚠️

For Facebook Messenger

Coming soon

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