How to give unique Coupon Codes (with Google Spreadsheets)

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We might want to offer unique Coupon Codes to be used just once. In this article we will show you how to do it:

View on Landbot 2:

View on Landbot 3 πŸš€:

This is the main flow where all the action is done:

And this is how our spreadsheet will be set up:

  1. After the Welcome Message we add a Google Spreadsheet to Get the first Code not used:

Here we will store the Code in the variable @coupon_code, so we can display it after

  1. No we need to mark the Code as used with a "yes" instead of a no. That is why we are going to use the next set up in the second Google Spreadsheet integration:

As a tip, in the Settings section, set Second Visit to "Always Start a New Conversation"

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