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How to share a Web bot

We know how important it is to test your bot before launching it, that's why we have created this article that will guide you on how to test the bot.

By default, every Landbot you create is under our domain ( in a unique URL you can use to share your Landbot with your audience.

Where you'll find one of the most important elements of our Landbot: its URL. 

This section is not available for WhatsApp and Messenger bots. For more information about how to test these bots, please refer to these articles: How to preview WhatsApp bot and How to preview a Messenger bot

These are the steps to find the URL in the Share with a link section:

  1. Create a bot and save changes by clicking on "PUBLISH"
  1. Click on Share
  1. Click on Share with a Link
  1. Here you can select between "OPEN" (to open the bot on another tab) or "COPY" (to copy, paste and send the URL to your colleagues, friends...)



Social Share

Under the URL you'll find some social sharing buttons so you can choose between FacebookTwitterEmail or WhatsApp to share it with just one click:

Remember to customize the meta-information to make sure the links shared look just the way you want them, you can find more information by clicking on this article.

Embed into your website

If you decide to embed your bot, we can help you with the steps to do it in this article.

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