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Zapier Integration Dashboard

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For more information about how Zapier block works, please check here


In this section you will be find the token you will need to sign Landbot with your Zapier Account

Account/Integration configuration
  1. To connect Landbot with Zapier, go to your Zapier account, click on My apps on the left side panel, then choose Landbot. 

  1. Here you have to paste your Landbot Token and then to click  Yes, Continue.

  1. Once connected, your Landbot account will be available in Zapier, under My apps > My connections.

  1.  If you want, you can easily run a test by clicking on the Test button, then begin composing Zaps to assist you in Landbot.

Tip: For a detailed step by step guide on how to perform the integration in your Zapier account, please check out this article.

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