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Human Takeover block

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The Human Takeover block is an improved and minimalist version of our classic Human Takeover block.

It does the essential: assigns the conversation to online agents if available, and if not, allows the flow to continue.

Tip: If the HumanTakeover block v2 is not the one you are using in your bot, just delete the block and create it again, and you will be able to access the newest version πŸ˜‰

For Web

The Human Takeover block allows your agents to take over the conversation and handle it personally.

Once the Human Takeover block is triggered (and there is an agent online), the visitor can wait for an interaction with a live agent πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’»

Agent Status 🚦

The agents' status can be set as Online, Busy, or Offline.

Depending on the status of your agents, the Human Takeover block will be triggered in different ways, as we will explain in this article.

  • Online βœ…

Conversations automatically assigned to agents.

Agent's status is considered online when the agent is logged in.

Once you have a new visitor that reaches the Human Takeover block, the conversation will be automatically assigned to the online agents you select.

  • Offline ⛔️

Conversations must be manually assigned to agents.

Landbot considers offline an agent that is logged out of Landbot at the moment.

When agents log into Landbot again, it will be possible to access all the unassigned conversations in the Chats section, and assign them manually.

Note: In case the agent's status is set as Busy, the new conversations will not be assigned automatically to them, but they can still be manually assigned to the agent from the Chats section.
Tip: If you want to send a notification to warn your agents that there is pending chats regardless of the agent's status, place an Email Notification block or a Slack Notification block right before the Human Takeover block πŸ˜‰

Human Takeover Output

Please keep in mind that once the Human Takeover block is reached and there are Online Agents, the visitor will have to wait for interaction from the agent.

If agents are online: If the agent's status is online, the bot flow will stop at this point. The blocks that come after the Human takeover block will not be triggered.

If agents are offline or busy: The flow will continue.

Assignation Setup

The Human Takeover block assigns the conversation to one of your online agents without asking any additional questions or performing any actions.

Select the agents to assign: It is possible to specify what agents will handle the incoming conversations of a bot. If you don't choose any agents in specific, the conversations will be assigned randomly to the online agents.

If there are no online agents, the bot will continue the flow.

What happens when an agent takes over the conversation?

1. What happens to the avatar?

When an agent takes over the conversation, the avatar of the bot will be changed for the avatar of the agent πŸ˜ƒ

Final view in Landbot 3:

2. What happens to the Header of the bot?

After the agent takes over the conversation, the header will show the avatar of the agent, and the text "A human at" + the name of your company.

Final view in Landbot 3:

So before the agent took over the conversation, the header looked like this:

And after the agent stepped in:

NOTE: It is possible to customize the text that appears when the Human Takeover happens, in the Settings > Custom System Messages section of the bot.

4. How can the user interact with the Agent?

When the Human Takeover happens in a bot for Web, a text input field will appear for the user.

NOTE: For bots in Landbot 3 (web) , if there is a Human Takeover happening, when you close the chat, the input field of the user will be removed from the bot in that moment.

After closing Chat:

If a chat is already assigned to an agent and a new agent wants to reply to that certain chat then the new agent will need to manually assign the chat.

For WhatsApp

This block behaves exactly the same way as in the Landbot (web) version.

Note: The design, avatar, input field (etc) will be the ones provided by WhatsApp and the setup will not change.

For Messenger

This block behaves the same way as in the Landbot (web) version.

Note: The design, avatar, input field (etc) will be the ones provided by Messenger and the setup will not change.

FAQ and Troubleshooting

1. Why has my bot stopped?

Once the Human Takeover block is triggered, the visitor will have to wait for an interaction with an agent. So it is normal that the bot "stops" until an agent takes over the conversation.

The flow will only continue if no agent is online.

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