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If you are looking for a solid platform to track events, and what is happening inside your bot, Segment is the best option.

Segment integration block is only available on Professional and Business plans

For Landbot(Web)

This new feature is only available in Landbot 3
How to set up a HTTP API source
  1. Log in in your Segment Account
  2. Once there, select Connections

  1. Select Add Source

  1. A catalog of sources will be displayed
  2. Search for HTTP

  1. Select HTTP API server

  1. And confirm the selection by clicking in Add Source

  1. Give a name to identify the source
  2. Press Add Source
  3. And now we will see our Source created
  4. Now the creation of the source is done. Copy and keep safe the Write Key, as we will need it later in Landbot

How to set up a Segment Account inside Landbot

Please follow the steps in this article to see how to set it up:

  1. Choose theΒ SegmentΒ block

Basic Settings
  1. Click onΒ Segment block,Β and the block editor will open on the left side of your screen.

  1. Click Add New Account and a pop up will display:

  1. First we will add a Source Name to identify the source connection later, any name is fine

  1. Paste in the "Segment Connection Key" the Write key from segment

  1. And press CONFIRM

  1. Now your source account is connected

Once the account is set up we need to choose between one of the possible tracking options for this source, you cannot use both in the same block:

Identify Users

Tie a user to their actions and record traits about them. It includes a unique User ID and any optional traits you know about the user, like their email, name, etc.

User Identifier


Set Context

Identify Users Example Destination (Hubspot)

Link to the official documentation for Hubspot set up with Segment

Example of block set up:

Property updated in Hubspot for the email used

Track User Actions

The track method allow you to record any actions your users perform, along with any properties that describe the action.

User identifier

Event Name



Track User Actions Example Destination (Google Analytics - Server Side Tracking)

Link to the official documentation for Google Analytics set up with Segment

Example of block set up:

Event tracked with Google Analytics

For WhatsApp

This block/functionality is compatible with WhatsApp.

For Messenger

This block/functionality is compatible with Messenger.

For APIChat

This block/functionality is compatible with APIChat.

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