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How to use Google Sheets to create a simple verification system for returning visitors

Want to verify if it is the second time the user is accessing your bot, creating a simple verification / Login system (no password) using Google Sheets? Check out this article to see how to do it!

Tip: Please check out this article to read more about the Google Sheets block and see how to set it up.

Basic Setup

  1. First you must set your bot to the Always Start a New Conversation mode in the Second Visit Setup.
  2. Choose a variable you want to use to verify if the user has already visited the bot. In this example, we will use just the @email.

Google Sheets Setup

  1. Get data from Sheet: First you must use the Google Sheets block to verify if the variable is already in your Spreadsheet, using the mode Get data from the Sheet.
    In this example, we are checking if there a registry of the user's email in the Spreadsheet from a previous interaction with the bot:


  1. Direct the flow according to the result:

  • If the result is True (Green arrow), you can send the user to the "returning user path".
  • And if it is False (red arrow), you add a Google Sheets block in the Insert a New Row in a Sheet mode, to upload the information to the Spreadsheet (so that you can verify in the next time) πŸ˜‰

Just make sure to have any block between these two Google Sheets blocks, otherwise, they will not work.

  1. Make sure to test your bot live: Test your bot Sharing the link, not in the Preview mode - answering it twice to see if everything is working well, and you will be good to go!
Note: If this does not work, please check out if the Google Sheets was correctly set up according to this article.

Also make sure to check the FAQ and Troubleshooting about the Google Sheets integration.
Note: this workaround does a simple verification. Landbot is not compatible with Passwords with high level of security.

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