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WhatsApp Channel Settings

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The WhatsApp Channel Settings sections, is the place where you can set up and customise the basic configuration for your WhatsApp Channel


Linked Bot

Once your WhatsApp integration is complete and your account is available on Landbot you will be able to link a bot to the number you integrated. We call it theΒ Parent bot.

The Parent bot will be the main bot linked to your WhatsApp number, and will be the one answering the users before you activate any other bots for specific campaigns.

The parent bot is the bot linked to your WhatsApp channel

Once you have completed your WhatsApp bot and would like to make it available to all your users you can link it to the WhatsApp number you have integrated with Landbot.

  1. Click onΒ WhatsApp iconΒ in the left of your dashboard
  2. Click onΒ WhatsApp Business
  3. Select the channel
  4. Find the Settings area and click on the small drop-down menu.
  5. Select the bot and click onΒ Link Bot.

Once you have linked the bot to your number, anyone who sends a message to your number will get a response from your Parent bot.

In case you don't want conversations to be handled by a chatbot, you can redirect the conversation to be handled by humans in the Team Inbox area (Chat section)

  1. Mark the checkbox below the current Linked bot dropdown

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