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Campaigns is a sub-section of WhatsApp Business, and will only be active if you have a business plan and an approved business phone number!
By default, WhatsApp API Business accounts can send up to 1,000 HSM templates - pro-active messages - every 24 hours (Tier 1).

In order to move on to the next Tier (2) and be able to send up to 5,000 templates every 24 hours, your account needs to exceed tier 1's limit two days in a row, which will automatically request it to Facebook. After analyzing your account's quality rating, they'll decide whether they grant you the next Tier or not.

Please, find more information here.

Once you have an active WhatsApp Business channel, you'll be able to enter the Campaigns section.

If you don't have any active Campaign, this is what you'll see:

What are the Campaigns?

By setting a Campaign you'll be able to have full control on how you reach out to your subscribed users.

Don't know how to get subscribed users? Check this article!

You can send pro-active messages to a defined segment of your subscribers, decide which message to send, when to send it, and if this message will trigger a WhatsApp bot.

If you want to learn more about pro-active messages or HSM Templates you should check out this article!

Once you launched a campaign, you'll be able to know exactly how it has been received by checking the Metrics.

Create a Campaign

If you click on New Campaign you'll see the Campaign Creation page:

This is what you need to set up you Campaign:

  1. Give a Name to your campaign:
  1. Set the Content of your campaign:
  • You need to choose a Message Template:

  • And also decide if this template is going to trigger a bot:

  1. Define the Target:
    You can define a particular segment of your subscribers to send them a campaign.

If you click on Targetting you'll see a list of your subscribers, that you can filter by variables:

You can decide, for example, to send your campaign only to a part of your audience which is a certain age or from a certain country.

To be able to do that, you need to ask your users their age or where they're from in your Opt-in bot and collect the relative variables (for example: @age, @country).

Read this article about the Opt-in and how to build an Opt-in bot!

Schedule you campaign:

You can send your campaign instantly or decide to schedule it for a date and time in the future:

⚠️ Remember that the timezone is based on your browser's settings, so if your users are from other countries you'll need to calculate the hour based on their timezone! ⚠️

Campaigns overview and metrics

When you already have many campaigns created, your Campaigns page will look like this:

Each one will have a Metrics summary, showing:

  • Audience: all the users you selected for the campaign.
  • HSM sent: all the messages that were effectively sent.
  • Delivered: all the messages that were effectively delivered.
  • Replied: all the users that replied to the message.

Edit a campaign

If you created a campaign but didn't launch it yet, you'll be able to Edit all the settings.

You can edit the Campaign name:

If you click on the HSM template or on the BOT ID you'll be able to change it:

Same as your target audience: you can change the filters by clicking on the button as in the picture below:

You can also change the date and time of your campaign:

Of course, if your campaign was already launched, you won't be able to edit any of the settings.

Still not sure if WhatsApp business is for you? You can still use a WhatsApp Testing channel to get a feel of what an official WhatsApp integration feels like!
Read this article dedicated to WhatsApp Testing to know how it works!

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