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Builder Interface

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Our powerful Builder is the section of the app where all the magic happens! Here you can build your bot, customize it and bring the conversation to another levelπŸ”₯ Let's take a look at the interface in detail.

For Landbot (Web)

Side panel

The Side panel contains all the blocks you can use to build your bot.

To hide or show the Side panel, you just have to click on this arrow:

The Side panel has two sections:

  1. Simple

In this tab, you will find the most common blocks if you want to create simple bots. Here you will have an easy way to access those blocks:

  1. Advanced

In this tab you will see all the possible blocks you can add to your flow, starting with the "MOST USED". Please check here if you want to know more about the different Blocks we have available.

  • To find your brick templates, click on the Bricks icon and click on My Team and search by the name of the brick:

For a quicker way to select a block, just start typing the name (or function) and it will filter the blocks:

Bottom menu


Will help you zoom out when your builder is too big so you can move around more easily. You can find it in the right bottom corner of your builder:


With this new option, you'll be able to choose between the 2 available modes; Trackpad mode or Mouse mode:

Undo or Redo

With these two options, you can choose to undo or redo actions. You also can use the keyboard shortcuts for these actions we explain here (they will variate if you're on Mac or Windows)


This option will open your Keyboard Shortcuts map

Top Menu

The Top Menu is composed of 5 sections:

  • Build

The default option, the place where you build your bot:

  • Design

This section allows you to customize your bot as you want. For more information about the Design Section, please check our Design Section Guide.

  • Settings

Configure your Landbot settings, from Custom Responses to Hidden Fields, tracking codes, and much much more! You can find more information in our Settings section article

  • Share

Finished creating your glorious bot? Then share it with the world! 🌍

Learn how to do it in our Share the URL bot article!

You can also have the bot under your own domain! Check this article for more information on how to embed the bot into your Website!

  • Analyze

Export all of your users in a CSV and measure the block-by-block conversion rate, getting a birds-eye view of all the interactions.

Tip: For more information about the Analyze section, please check here

Test this bot

This feature will open up a small tab with a preview of how your bot will look. You can choose between the Desktop preview or the Mobile preview and see how it would look on each device.

We recommend using this feature only for a preview of how the bot is coming along, but if you intend to actually test out your flow and its logic, we recommend you open the actual link of your bot and test it as any user will do. To do it you just have to click on Share on the Upper Menu > Share with a link > Open


Every time you make a new change inside your bot, you will need to Publish the bot so it updates. It's very important you remember to do this when you're testing your bot.

If you want to go back to a previously published version of your bot, you just have to click on the little clock icon here and it will show all of the previously published versions:

In case you want to restore that previous version, just click on Select, where you'll be able to see all of the details of the bot, then Restore and it will be assigned as the current version of your bot.

Missing any features? Let us hear about it and submit your ideas in our Roadmap πŸ’‘

For WhatsApp

These functions work in exactly the same way as in the Landbot (web) version:

Top menu
Design and Share sections are not compatible with WhatsApp/Messenger bots due to their different functioning and UI.

Here's how to preview the WhatsApp bot, and to preview the Messenger bot, you can check this article.

For WhatsApp bots, you will see only 3 sections:

  1. Build

The default option, the place where you build your bot, is the same as in the Landbot (web) version:

  1. Settings

Here you will see only one section:

  • General

Check out this article for more information about the actions you can perform in this section.

  1. Analyze

Export all the data saved by your bot during the interaction with your users in a CSV file and measure the block-by-block conversion rate, getting a birds-eye view of all the interactions!

Check this article for more information about the Analyze section.

For Facebook Messenger

It's exactly the same as for the WhatsApp channel.

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