Increase your productivity with the Builder's Shortcuts! πŸ—

If you love creating with Landbot, you are going to love the new Shortcuts! 😍

Keyboard Shortcuts are a key or combination of keys providing quick access to a particular function. πŸš€

They are going to help you work quicker and increase your productivity, especially if you work with a mouse. πŸ–±

Here you have the full list:

  • Scroll / Navigate through the canvas: Opt (βŒ₯) + click + drag in canvas
  • Zoom In/Out: Opt (βŒ₯) + mouse scroll
  • Select All: Cmd (⌘) + A
  • Unselect All: Cmd (⌘) + D
  • Select blocks: Shift + click on blocks
  • Open blocks creation menu: Opt (βŒ₯) + Space
  • Preview bot: Opt (βŒ₯) + Enter

You're going to learn by using them, so if you want to fasten your workflow, get into it and start building! πŸ—

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