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Builder's keyboard shortcuts and mechanics! πŸ—

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If you love creating with Landbot, you are going to love the new Builder's mechanics and Shortcuts! 😍

Keyboard Shortcuts are a key or combination of keys providing quick access to a particular function. πŸš€

They are going to help you work quicker and increase your productivity!

In the left-bottom corner of the canvas, you'll find a little Shortcuts button: if you click on it, a modal with the full summary will appear.

Here you have the full list with gifs that describe what they do:

Group Selection

Click and drag on the canvas

Create a Brick out of a group of Selected blocks

Note: Bricks cannot be built when a Welcome Message is selected

Select blocks one by one

Mac: Shift + click on blocks

Windows: Shift + click on blocks

Sort Buttons and bricks' Outputs

Mac: Alt + Up / Down (When a button is selected)

Windows: Alt + Up / Down (When a button is selected)

Sort messages / Buttons / Brick's outputs

Click and drag

Add a new button

Mac: Shift + Enter (When a Button is selected)

Windows: Shift + Enter (When a Button is selected)


Mouse hover on the arrow: turns purple

Double click on the arrow: the delete icon stays fixed

Scroll / Navigate through the canvas

Mac: Alt + click and move the mouse

or SPACE + click and move the mouse

(or 2 fingers on the keypad)

Windows: Alt + click and move the mouse

or SPACE + click and move the mouse

(or 2 fingers on the keypad)

Zoom In/Out

Mac: Opt (βŒ₯) + mouse scroll (keypad 2 fingers)

Windows: Alt + mouse scroll

Undo / Redo

Mac: Cmd (⌘) + Z / Cmd (⌘) + Shift + Z

Windows: Ctrl + Z / Ctrl + Shift + Z

Warning: Only available if not moved in and out of bricks. Limited history of changes

Copy / Paste

Mac: Select and Cmd (⌘) + C / Cmd (⌘) + V

Windows: Select and Ctrl + C / Ctrl + V


Mac: Select block + Del

Windows: Select block + Del

Select/Unselect All

Mac: Cmd (⌘) + A ; Cmd (⌘) + D

Windows: Ctrl + A / Ctrl + D

Open blocks creation menu

Mac: Opt (βŒ₯) + Space

Windows: Not available

You're going to learn by using them, so if you want to fasten your workflow, get into it and start building! πŸ—

Tip: For more information, please check our Academy video here [1:11]. You must be registered in our free Academy πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

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