Reservation bot with Airtable

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This tutorial will show you how to create a lightweight restaurant reservation bot with limited seats🍽

If you already have a reservation system in place, you can also integrate with it via Zapier or Webhook!

Here's a preview of the bot flow, but don't worry you can just download the bot template:

Set up Airtable

The first step is to set up our Airtable that acts as your reservation database, here's a template you can download if you don't want to start from scratch

  • Each record presents a reservation slot for a specific date & time
  • Pre-fill the date & time columns

Example: Let's say you have 5 tables available for Dec 1st, 2-4PM. Then you will create 3 identical records with this date & time combo.

Setting up the bot

After we download the bot template there are a few things we'll need to change

Let's start with the Date Question here:

In 'Set available dates' we want to select 'Custom range' and then match our dates to the dates that are available in our Airtable base

We'll then go to the 'times' button and match the time slots to the available time slots in our database

Next we'll sync our account to the Airtable block and import the table and select 'Get a record' the formula should automatically populate, but if not you have it in the note

This Airtable block will check if there's availability in their selected time slot and day

The final step is to sync the second Airtable block, where we'll select 'update a record' as the action

In this final block we'll add our guests information to the reservation time slot

Here's what it will look like in Airtable

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