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Note: This Block is only available on premium accounts.

The Set a Variable is a powerful block that allows you to create, establish a format and set a value to a variable.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of variable, think of it as box, that you give it a name, and where you can store "things" in this case, things are values (number, texts, dates...)

To create a "Conditions" block, click on the desired block's green output you want to continue the flow from, pull an arrow to the desired place where you want to place the new block to be and leave the arrow, then a block selector will display. Write "Conditions" in the block selector and click on Conditions.

Block anatomy & set up

Create or select a variable to modify:

You can select a variable that already exists to work with or create a new one, just type the name (no spaces are allowed) and click on create.

Select the format:

Here you need to specify the type of format the variable will store:

You have three options:

- Text (string)

- Number (float)

- Date (YYYY/MM/DD format)

After that you have the section "Type the value":

In this case, as the label says, you can type the value that you are going to give it to the variable. It is also possible that instead of typing down such value, it depend on other's variable value, so you can use it in here.

Perform a calculation:

Number and Dates, allow to do calculation for the variables, below will show some examples of useful cases to use those calculations:

For numbers, the operations that are available are:

- Addition (+)

- Subtraction (-)

- Multiplication (*)

- Division (/)

- Modulus "remainder" (%)

For dates, the operations that are available are:

- Addition (+)

- Subtraction (-)

For day, based on a variable that is a date (with Landbot format) you can sum or subtract days or month or years to that specific date.

Finally once the block is set, you will have two possible outputs: Success or Failed:

Why is there a "failed" option for a set variable block?

If everything is correct, we will continue the flow with the Success. However if the user had used wrong inputs or formats and we are using the "Perform a calculation?" feature, it will generate an error, and the flow will continue through the Failed output. It is a good practice to use it, to avoid the bot to crash.

Block user examples

Below three short example of how the Conditions block works:

EXAMPLE 1 - Concatenate variables: In case we would like to store in a variable (@userinfo) many inputs from the user (@name, @email and @phone) , to do so, we need to write the variables in a different way, here is how:

EXAMPLE 2 - Build url with variables: Maybe you need to build a url, where the customer will be redirected, with values from the inputs, here is how:

EXAMPLE 3 - Update variables value with new value: We can add values to the same the variable, progressively one question at a time. Here is how it would work:

Set Variable block Troubleshooting & Faqs

Can I do calculation between two dates?

Currently is not possible to do calculations between two dates.

How can I Set a Variable with the Date format?

In the Set A Variable block, the format for a Date variable should be YYYY-MM-DD

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