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Audiences is a sub-section of WhatsApp Business, and will only be active if you have a Business plan and an approved business phone number.

With the Audiences block, you can automate the process of adding a subscriber to an Audience within a bot flow.

Requirements to use this block:
  • Users need to already be subscribers. More about how to opt-in your users here
  • Make sure you've previously created an audience here
Block anatomy

1. WhatsApp business number

Select the whatsapp business number that you are subscribing your users to.

If no WA business channel is available to select, the following message will display:

You'll be able to select your WA testing channel as well:

If you are using a Testing number, you will be the only subscriber and you will be the only user to be added to the Audience.

2. Audience

Select the audience you want to add your subscriber to

You can connect as many audiences blocks you want to add the user to, but make sure you've set up a path for red outputs.


In order to get to the green output of the block, these are the following criteria:

  • Phone number is subscribed
  • WA channel is correctly selected
  • WA channel selected corresponds to channel in which the phone number is subscribed
  • There's an Audience selected
  • Selected Audience exists (is not deleted after selection)

The flow will go through the red output if one or more of the above is false

Here's an example of how to set up the audience block to make sure the numbers added are opted in correctly:

Next steps

Check out our opt-in and opt-in check blocks to continue building your flow.

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