How to create a custom SendGrid email - (Custom "from" email)

When you are using the Send Email block, there are two options to choose the email address you can use to send emails: Landbot email server and a Custom email.

In case you are interested in sending notifications to your users from an email with your domain, you need an email integrated with SendGrid and it's API Key. Here are the steps to get it:

  1. Sign Up

Here is the link

  1. Once the process is done, please check your email to Validate Email, press Confirm Email Address

  1. Once you are in your SendGrid dashboard, please go to Got to Account Details

  1. Select API Keys

  1. Select Create Keys

  1. Add A Name like "Landbot email from" and Select "Create & View"

  1. Copy the API Key that is displayed below and select Done

  1. Now you should return to Landbot, to the specific block where you want to add the Custom SendGrid Email

In "SendGrid email", add the email you used to register in SendGrid and the in the API Key Secret, the text you just copied, press SAVE EMAIL and that's it

How you can change the "Unsubscription line"

  1. Sign In Sendgrid
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Select Tracking

  4. Select "Subscription Tracking"

  5. In the "replacement tag", press the "edit" blue text, on the right side and write: [unsubscribe]
  1. Click the Check icon on the right

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