Get Opt-ins (Subscribers) from Facebook Leads using Make (ex Integromat)

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In this article, we will trigger an HTTPS request to create subscribers in Landbot from Facebook Leads, using Make (ex Integromat).

Make Scenario

Create an HTTP module, Make a request, to trigger the opt-in. The opt-in URL needs to be set from Landbot, you can read this article for more clarification on how to set the subscription snippet and extract the URL you need.

Complete the information needed to make the opt-in request.

  • In Method selectΒ POST
  • In Headers add:

- Name: Authorization. Value: Token XXXXXXXXXXX. Get your API TOKEN from here.

- Name: Content-Type. Value: application/json

Press OK and it's done! You can activate your scenario and perform a final test by adding a valid number to the sheets.

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