Dialogflow & Landbot lesson 4: Training phrases and responses for a FAQ

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One common use of Dialogflow is to answer frequent questions. In this lesson we will show a simple approach to prepare a list of frequent questions, that will become Training phrases in it's specific intents.

  1. To do that we will use Google Spreadsheets, and we will start with two columns:

  1. As you can see the first column will be for the "Intent Name" so we can group all the training phrases. And the second column will be for the "Training Phrases", in the picture below we have filled "faqs" about the location of the restaurant, all of them under the same intent, as the response will be the same:

  1. Now all those training phrases, should be linked to a specific Intent, in this case we will call it "faq.location":

  1. Now we can repeat this process for as many training phrases (faqs) and intents as we already have:

  1. Once we have a group of intents and training phrases, we can start building our list of Responses. Where each intent, will have one or more responses

Tip: You can use also Landbot variables in the response @variable

  1. Now that we have a set of data, we can start creating and filling our "faq.location" intent in Dialogflow, with its "intent name" and "training phrases"

And the responses

  1. Try always to test every now and then to check that the response is what you expect or to add new training phrases

As a good practice there should be 20 training phrases.

  1. Now we add more intents with it's training phrases

  1. Let's try it!

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