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Second Visit Settings

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For Landbot (Web)

Second Visit is a setting that tells you what will happen if a user goes back to your bot a second time.

You can find it in the Settings section of your bot:

The default Second Visit will always be "Provide buttons to start again or continue".

👉 But keep in mind: there are 3 types of Second Visit, and each one is different!

So it's important to understand how each one of them works to find the perfect fit for your use case.

Provide buttons to start or continue (default)

When refreshing the page, or at their second visit to the bot, each user will have two buttons to decide whether to start a new conversation or continue.

⚠️ If users choose to start again, the variables the bot collects (for example: @name) will overwrite, if they choose to continue, the variables from the first interaction will remain the same! ⚠️

What is and is not good for:

You can choose this setting to give your users the freedom to decide, but remember: when you start again, the variables overwrite! So this setting shouldn’t be used for lead generation or event registration!

If registering different users at every refresh is your intention, you should choose "Always start a new conversation"; otherwise, go ahead with this option!

Note: This option will not be triggered if the user gets to the end of the flow.
Always continue the conversation

At their second visit to the bot, or when refreshing the page, each user will continue the conversation were they stopped the first time.

⚠️ The variables the bot collects in the first interaction with a user (for example: @name) will remain the same! ⚠️

What is good for:

A large/complex bot, like customer support, quizzes or surveys, where you don’t want to force the user to repeat the same path to reach a certain point in the conversation.

Always start a new conversation

Each user will always start the conversation from the beginning, even if it’s their second visit to the bot (already had the same conversation).

⚠️ The variables the bot collects (for example @name) will be registered from scratch, and a new user will be registered at every refresh! ⚠️

What is good for:

A simple bot where you need to register many users, like a lead generation bot, an event registration, or an appointment scheduler.

We use the local storage of the browser to recognize that it is the same user who returns the bot.
In case the user deletes the cache or enters the bot from a different device, a different browser, or from an incognito window, the bot will NOT be able to recognize his second visit as the same session.

This means the conversation won't continue from where the user stopped. Instead, it will register a new user ID and start a new conversation, like in "Always start a new conversation".

For WhatsApp

This feature is not compatible with WhatsApp bots.

For Facebook Messenger

This feature is not compatible with Messenger bots.

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