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What's HubSpot?

HubSpot isΒ an inbound marketing and sales software that helps companies convert leads, and close customers

With our native integration you can seamlessly create leads within the bot flow.

Currently you can choose between the following events:

  • Create a contact
  • Create a company
  • Create a deal
  • Create a ticket

Add HubSpot Account

You can either connect your HubSpot account directly in the builder, or in the integrations section

The following steps will demonstrate how you can connect your account in the builder

  1. Add the HubSpot block to your flow

  1. Sync your HubSpot Account by logging in

  1. Select an event

  1. Select variables to send to HubSpot
Please note fields with underscores such as 'utm_source' are not currently compatible with Landbot and won't be imported

  1. Test the event (This will create a real contact)

  1. Save response and apply changes

Channel Type compatibility

for Web

This feature is fully compatible.

for WhatsApp

This feature is fully compatible with WhatsApp.

for Messenger

This feature is fully compatible with Messenger.

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Create a Contact in Hubspot