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Header Class CSS

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Please note that these classes are specific to Landbot V3 and won't work in previous versions

Header Classes

.Header {

.Header__Logo {


Header align elements

In this case, we wanted to move the header description to the right side of the page, to do that we just added the following snippet to "Design">"Custom Code":

text-align: right;

Here's the result:

Header size and color

In this example I wanted to change the size and the color of my header as well as the font color, to change the color please note that you must use "!important" after the background color you want to change. Here's the snippet I used to change these properties within the "Design">"Custom Code" section:

color: hotpink;
background-color: lightgrey !important;
height: 70px;

Here's the final result:

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