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Existing WhatsApp Number Migration

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There are two possible scenarios where a WhatsApp number already integrated in the WhatsApp Business API might be migrated; from a third-party BSP to Landbot or from 360Dialog to Landbot.

Before starting the migration process, there are some prerequisites and some other points to keep in mind.


  1. You need to have full admin access to the Facebook Business Manager.
  2. You need to have a Verified Facebook Business Manager.
  3. Disable the Two-factor verification of the number - For 360dialog channels, please contactΒ 360dialogΒ to receive further guidance. More info here.
  4. Confirm you can receive an SMS or phone call on the numbers to be migrated
  5. The Display name of your number must be Approved. For more info check "To turn off the 2FA at the end of this page"

Points to keep in mind when migrating your number:

  1. Template IDs will change: Channels that send Message Templates via API will need to update their setups with the new template IDs.
  2. Opt-in snippet endpoint will change: Channels that collect opt-ins using the snippet option will have to generate a new snippet and add it to the backend of their website, form, web bot or any other way they are collecting it.
  3. Clients migrating from providers outside of Landbot must have a WhatsApp plan for this process to be completed.

Migrations process:

From your WhatsApp channel section, you'll see the option to add or migrate a phone number, select Migrate phone number:

At this point the system will inform you about features, limitations and details of the migration process, once you're ready select Next:

Here you'll be asked to confirm the pre-requisites previously shared, make sure you comply before starting the process, otherwise there might be issues/errors later on:

And the last step before the process begins will advise to create a new WABA for optimal performance, and remind you that the Display name of the channel must be the exact same as you had.

Click in Connect with Facebook to begin the process. A pop-up window will display, make sure to not have pop-up blockers enabled in your browser:

Up to this point most of the info should come pre-filled with your channel's information. Remember you can create a new WABA or use the one you had before.

The display name of your channel must have the same name of the channel you want to migrate and needs to be approved

Now the phone number verification will be done, you must have access to the SIM card and be able to receive sms or calls for this process:

Once you've typed the phone number and the system has verified it exists in a WABA, you'll see a notification in yellow confirming the number is already registered, this is expected.

If the code is correct, the following screen will display, to complete the migration:

Click in Finish and your channel will be ready in a few moments! Do not refresh you page or switch to another section of your account:

When the process is complete your new channel should display like this:

You're all set! πŸ™Œ

Extra info:

To turn off the 2FA:

  • For Migrated numbers or Classic Signups, you'll need to open a direct support ticket with 360Dialog.
  • For Embedded signups:
  1. Go to Facebook Business Manager Phone Numbers
  2. Find the number you want to migrate and click on the Settings button
  3. In the left menu, click on Turn off two-step verification

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