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How to calculate the number of days between two selected dates

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At times, when we work with dates, we might need to check difference between dates, it might be to check the length of a stay in an apartment or for how many days a customer wants to rent a tool. There are many other examples that you can think.

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Natively Landbot doesn't support the difference of checking it, but with a little bit of Javascript, it is possible to pull it of:

In the following example we are going to select two dates, and based on the difference of day we will set a condition that will make the user move to one flow or the other.

Here is how the flow is going to look:

  1. We will ask the first date, and we will store it in the @dateone variable:

  1. we will ask now the second date, and we will save it in the @datetwo variable:

  1. Now to do the calculation we will add a JS Code block:

Here is the code (original code):

var dateone = "@{dateone}";
var datetwo = "@{datetwo}";

const oneDay = 24 * 60 * 60 * 1000; // hours*minutes*seconds*milliseconds
const firstDate = new Date(dateone);
const secondDate = new Date(datetwo);

const diffDays = Math.round(Math.abs((firstDate - secondDate) / oneDay));



  1. As you know, we need a user input to make the new variable created via Javascript (@difference) available to use in a Conditional block later. That is why we use a YES/NO block to force a user input. In this case we double check with the user, if the dates are correct

  1. Finally, we can set up a condition. Here we will check if the difference is greater than 6 days. It is important that when we select the variable @difference, as we need to create it, please select the format Number

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