Colors & Background

The Colors & Background section is where we can modify the color of every element of our landbot. Here we have several areas, in details:

Base Colors

These are the four colours that have the most presence in your design. If you don't want to spend a lot of time in Design, these are the four variables you should play with.

Base colors - Primary

Base colors - Secondary

Base colors - Dark

Base colors - Light


Choose between five different types of background:

Background - Gradient

A color that transforms into other color. Choose both - top and bottom - to create your own gradient.

Background - Color

The classic of the classics.

Background - Image

Upload your own image (JPG, PNG or GIF) as a background. And select if you want to use the same for all devices, or one specific for mobile.

Check in the Builder's Preview how will the images look for each device:

Try to use at least Full HD resolution (1920X1080) if you use the same image for all devices to make sure it's correctly displayed everywhere.

Background - Video

Pick between our gallery of videos and your landbot will look alive! You can't add your own videos yet, but we're working on it!

Background - Hide

Avoid any background and use the one you are already using on your website.

Choose how you want your header! you can keep it as it is or customise it! Edit the color of the text contained too!

Header - Custom
  1. Top bar background color

  1. Top bar text

Header - Hide

Chat bubbles 

Modify every colour from the bubbles (visitor's, landbot's, box, text...).

Chat bubbles - Custom
  1. Bot messages background

  1. Bot messages text

  1. User messages background

  1. User messages text


Customise your buttons: pick the background you like more and tune up your text area.

Forms - Custom
  1. Buttons background

  1. Buttons text

  1. Textarea background

  1. Textarea border

  1. Textarea text

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