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Dialogflow & Landbot intro: What is NLP, Dialogflow and what can you do with it?

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What is NLP

NLP stands for Natural Language Processing, in short we can say it's a technique to help "machines" understand how humans use language to communicate

What is Dialogflow and what can you do with it

Dialogflow is a platform that using NLP helps build conversational experiences.

With Dialogflow you can build a system that "understands" when someone asks for the weather or the location of a city. It can capture elements from a sentence, to be easily processed later.

Based on a prior training with sample phrases, the Dialogflow engine can get the "intent" of the sentence and act accordingly

What can you do with DF inside Landbot

Dialogflow has many applications but the combination with Landbot is able to let you offer "hybrid" conversations, where part of the flow for very simple tasks might be built with 2 buttons for questions like "yes or no". And at the same time you can use Dialogflow in a "reservation bot" to be able to let the user tell us "I want a table for 2 people tomorrow at 8" and DF is able to return in a clean way, "2", the date that is tomorrow" and 8 PM.

Or simple questions like "what is your name?" If the user types "My name is John". DF it's able to return just "John" instead of storing in a variable "my name is John"

The possibilities are endless, but DF best uses inside a Landbot bot are for

- When there is no buttons in UX, only text inputs (like WhatsApp)

- To extract information from a sentence ("I want a table for two")

- Redirect user based on input (Conditions based on context or intent name)

- FAQs

Before you start you must understand that for Dialogflow the best approach is to start step by step, adding sentences and functionalities, test them and improve them. You must train the sentences and work to improve little by little.

This course is for:

Everyone. It's for beginners that want to get started using NLP and Dialogflow and for those experienced Dialogflow developers that want to know how exactly set up the block to get started quickly with NLP inside Landbot.

Feel free to skip any lesson that you already know ;)

Lessons index

Dialogflow & Landbot course 1: Create your first agent and intent in Dialogflow

In this lesson we start in Dialogflow platform, the first steps and check the intents concept. Link to lesson

Dialogflow & Landbot course 2: Get the JSON Key

Before we can use Dialogflow, we need to get a google cloud JSON key to connect both tools. Link to lesson

Dialogflow & Landbot course 3: Setting up of Dialogflow in Landbot

Here we will see how to set up the different options in the Dialogflow block and connect it to the flow. Link to lesson

Dialogflow & Landbot course 4: Training phrases and responses for a FAQ

Now that everything is connected, let's create an agent that can reply frequents questions. Link to lesson

Dialogflow & Landbot course 5: Entities and Landbot variables

With Dialogflow we can also extract information from sentences, and use them in Landbot. Link to lesson

Dialogflow & Landbot lesson 6: Redirect user depending on Dialogflow response parameters (intent, entities and more)

There are many ways to connect and use the Dialogflow integration. Here are different use cases that you can use. Link to lesson

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Dialogflow & Landbot lesson 1: Create your first agent and intent in Dialogflow