Typing Emulation

Create a more human User Experience by customising the typing emulation of your landbot's messages. Here's how:

The typing emulation consists of the three moving dots that show up before every message is sent:

To configure it, go to the side panel in the Builder and select landbot settings:

This will display the list of available options in the Settings section. Select TYPING EMULATION to continue:

When clicking on the feature, the default configuration will appear:

When you click on Active the Speed parameters will appear:

  • Custom speed: you can configure how much time will the emulation last by modifying the average human reading speed (first field) and setting up a maximum delay (second field), great for long texts.

  • Constant speed: the typing emulation will last a certain amount of seconds. By default, it's 0,5 seconds, but feel free to customise it!

When you are finished just click in APPLY CHANGES and that's it!

The typing customisation is available for the Welcome Message, Send a message and Ask a question type blocks, as those are the ones seen by visitors. 

Start adding a human touch to your landbots now! 👩💻

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