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Typing Emulation (Message Delay)

For Web

Enhance your users' experience by personalizing the typing emulation for your bot's messages.

The typing emulation is represented by the three animated dots that appear just before each message is sent:

Final view πŸš€

Note: Please keep in mind that in Landbot 3, the typing animation is part of the Avatar.

So if you disable the Avatar in the Design section of your bot, the 3 dots of the typing emulation will not be displayed.

Warning: The typing customization is available for the Welcome Message, Send a messageΒ andΒ Question blocks, as those are the ones seen by visitors.Β 

Just keep in mind that the typing emulation only works in a sequence of messages, starting on the second message (the first message will always come without delay).

To configure it, navigate to Settings from the Builder:

This will display the list of available options in the Settings section. Select Typing Emulation to continue:


You can choose between 2 options to adjust the speed at which messages are delivered in your Web bots:

  1. Custom Speed

With this option, the delay will depend on how long the text to be displayed is.

You can customize the following settings:

  • Average human reading speed, which is an estimated time a person would take to read the text, defined in words per minute.
  • Maximum Delay, where you can define a maximum of seconds the message will be delivered. This is useful for long texts.
Reducing the words per minute rate will result in a longer delivery time for the message.

Less words per minute means that the person has more time to read these words in 1 minute.
For instance, if you've set the Typing Emulation to 100 words per minute, the message will take longer to be delivered compared to a setting of 200 words per minute.
Note: The Maximum Delay setup will have preference over the Average Human Reading Speed setup.

Ex: If you have set a typing emulation of 100 words per minute, and a message has a long text that would take 12 seconds to be delivered. If you set the Maximum delay of 3 seconds, once these 3 seconds are reached, the message will be delivered.
  1. Constant Speed

With the Constant Speed option, the Typing Emulation will consistently last for a predefined number of seconds for all messages.

By default, this duration is set to 0.5 seconds, but you have the flexibility to customize it to better suit your needsπŸ˜‰

Make each message customizable

It is also possible to make each message within your bot flow customizable to enhance user experience.

To do so, you just have to enable this option in the Typing Emulation settings:

After configuring this option in the Settings > Typing Emulation section, you'll have the ability to adjust the response time for selected messages βœ…

Once you've finished setting up Typing Emulation, be sure to click on the "APPLY CHANGES" button to save your settings.

Once enabled, all compatible blocks will display the Typing Emulation option for further customization:

  1. Auto: Select the "Auto" option if you want the block to adhere to the general typing emulation rule you've set for your bot. This option reflects the default setting.
  2. Custom: If you wish to establish a specific delay in seconds for this particular block, opt for the "Custom" setting. This enables you to tailor the typing emulation timing uniquely for this block.

By customizing the typing emulation and adding a human touch to your bots, you can create a more engaging and authentic user experience. Take the first step today and start personalizing your bots to better connect with your audience! πŸ‘©πŸ’»

For WhatsApp

This feature is not compatible with WhatsApp bots.

For guidance on how to navigate this limitation specifically for WhatsApp bots, please refer to this article.

For Facebook Messenger

This feature is not compatible with Messenger bots.

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