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Typing Emulation

For Landbot (web)

Create a more human User Experience by customising the typing emulation of your landbot's messages.

The typing emulation consists of the three moving dots that show up before every message is sent:

Final view in Landbot 2:

Final view in Landbot 3 🚀:

Note: Please keep in mind that in Landbot 3, the typing animation is part of the Avatar.

So if you disable the Avatar in the Design section of your bot, the 3 dots of the typing emulation will not be displayed.

Warning: The typing customisation is available for the Welcome Message, Send a message and Question blocks, as those are the ones seen by visitors. 

Just keep in mind that the typing emulation only works in a sequence of messages, starting on the second message (the first message will always come without delay).

To configure it, go to the side panel in the Builder, then select the bot Settings:

This will display the list of available options in the Settings section.

Select TYPING EMULATION to continue:

When clicking on the feature, the default configuration (disabled) will appear:

To turn on the Typing Emulation, click on Active. When you click on Active, the Speed parameters will appear:

Custom speed

You can configure how much time will the emulation last by setting up:

  1. the Average human reading speed, which is an estimated time a person would take to read the text, defined in words per minute.
  2. Maximum Delay, where you can define a maximum of seconds the message will be delivered. This is useful for long texts.

Note: The less words per minute you add, the longer the message will take to be delivered.

Less words per minute means that the person has more time read these words in 1 minute.

Ex: If you have added 100 words/minute, this message will take longer to be delivered than if you added 200 words/minute.

Note: The Maximum Delay setup will have preference over the Average Human Reading Speed setup.

Ex: If you have set a typing emulation of 100 words per minute, and a message has a long text that would take 12 seconds to be delivered. If you set the Maximum delay of 3 seconds, once these 3 seconds are reached, the message will be delivered.

Constant speed

The Typing Emulation will last a certain amount of seconds, predefined, to all messages.

By default, it's 0,5 seconds, but feel free to customise it!

Make each message Customizable

It is also possible to make each message customizable.

To do so, you just have to enable this option in the Typing Emulation settings:

Once you set this option in the Settings section, you should be able to customise the response time of the messages you choose 👍 

Once it is enabled, all the blocks that are compatible will show the option "Typing Emulation".

  1. Auto: Choose the option Auto if you want the block to follow the general rule of typing emulation you have set for your bot.
  2. Custom: If you want to set up a special delay in seconds, choose the option Custom.

When you are finished just click in APPLY CHANGES and that's it!

Start adding a human touch to your bots now! 👩💻

For WhatsApp

This feature is not compatible with WhatsApp bots.

For Facebook Messenger

This feature is not compatible with Messenger bots.

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