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How to complete a digital signature flow by Zapier

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On some occasions we might want to ask users to sign some file to confirm based on the inputs from the user in the bot, and get the signed file inside the bot.

To do that, Zapier can help you to request such information, but we need to push a little bit further, to prepare Zapier to send Landbot such information, and once it's ready "tell" the bot to resume flow.

To do this in the article we will show you how to:

  • 1. Set up in Zapier the trigger to start the Zap automation
  • 2. Prepare the Automation trigger in Landbot that will trigger the Zap with the information needed
  • 3. Set up Zapier to request external information using the information sent from Landbot, we will use Signaturit in this example, but it can be adapted to other apps
  • 4.Use the data collected from Zapier and using Signaturit, create a variable in Landbot with the values we collected
  • 5. Send an email with the file we want them to sign
  • 6. Ask them to upload the signed file to us by using file block

Below is an example of the flow:

  • a. Collect the data with Question blocks
  • b. Trigger Zapier with a trigger automation block
  • c. Ask the users to upload the signed file(optional)

Trigger zap with trigger automation block

Prepare Landbot
  1. Firstly, we have to make a little flow for collect information, like name and email.
The information that we collect, will be stored in variables, that we will send to Zapier. As in the example below, we are storing the name input in the variable @email, that we will use later
  1. To send the datas we collected to Zapier, we have to create a Trigger automation block.

  1. After that, leave the users a message to informe the users that they will receive an email with the document to be signed:

Create Zap trigger
  1. After set the whole flow, let's open Zapier:
  1. We need to do is click on Make A Zap:
  1. Then search Webhook:
  1. Then click on it, below Trigger Event, we just have to choose Catch Hook and we press continue:
  1. Copy the hook URL and press CONTINUE
  1. Then this screen will display, press the Test trigger button:
Prepare Landbot request to Zap
  1. Let's get back to Landbot and paste the URL to Trigger automation block:
  1. Now we are going to set the testing values to send to Zapier:

  1. Then let's click on Test webhook trigger:

  1. If you scroll down, you will see the response from Zapier:

  1. If you see the Status code as 200, and the status as "success", this means that our request was successfully sent.

In Zapier check request data
  1. Once we press Test trigger, if everything goes well, you will see the page below with the variables and values we used in the test:

Yes, the @name, @email, @age and @id are the same that we sent to Zapier: This is how the trigger works, we send variables to Zapier, they receive, and when we try to test it as we did in step 13, it will be shown. After we turn on Zap, the whole progress will be doing it automatically.
  1. So far the trigger part is done, which means that after the trigger we have to do a lot of work on actions in Zapier. Also in following steps, we don't have to set anything inside of Landbot, but leave them to Zapier.

Now let's press continueΒ 

  1. Choose Signaturit:
  1. Then set action event as Create Signature Request From Template:
  1. Then login your Signaturit account:
  1. Then we set the content for the file to be signed:
Here you can see, we chose Create Signature Request From Templates, so before we set this action, we would have to prepare a file template, or a formal file to be signed.

  1. Let's set up the content of email:
  2. Now let's set the value for the digital signature, an example to set the name, drag the fields at right to the file template, click on the field to get the id:
Below the data section, we have to copy the field id to first text bar, then in the second text bar we have to put the values we get from Landbot, just to match the space.
  1. Finally we are going to set the values for the file variables like names and email.
  1. Then set some values for the company,

Webhook is a premium function of Zapier, unless you can turn on it, just click on test the request in trigger automation block of Landbot won't send the information right to the Sheet.
  1. Now we can click on button of Continue:
  1. Now appears this page:
  1. Click Test & Continue:

  1. Then it shows this page, if there isn't any error:

Check the email with document
  1. Now let's open our email page to check if the mail has arrived:

Yes, it arrives.

  1. Then click the mail, it should appear this:

  1. Click on OPEN DOCUMENT:

  1. When we are in the document, click on the signature button, and start sign anything:

  1. Click on the button of Send document at bottom left corner:

  1. Go back to Signaturit, go to Requests > Completed, we can see the document we signed before is already here:

Now you can get the signed document in the section of Requests, every signed document will be here. Like it shows us, it tracks at which step the users are.

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