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Here is how you can get the JSON key you need to connect Landbot with your Dialogflow agent

  1. Create a Dialogflow Agent (if you already have one created skip this step)

  1. Once created, go to settings section of the Agent, by selecting the wheel next to the Agent Name:

And you will see this screen:

  1. Press in the link of the Google Project:

It will open the Google Cloud Console for this project:

  1. From the secction "Getting started" select "Explor and enable APIs"

  1. And now select "Credentials"


And this dropdown will be displayed:

  1. Select "Service account":

  1. Now we will create a Service Account to be able to generate the API Key.

Add a name to the service account, and press CREATE

  1. In the next step select Owner, and press CONTINUE:
  2. Here you don't need to feel any more details, just press DONE

You will return to the Credentials section:

  1. Press in the email that is located in the Service Accounts:

  1. In the new screen, scroll down press "ADD KEY" and after select "Create new key"

  2. Make sure the "JSON" is selected, and press CREATE:
  3. Now, a file will be generated and downloaded:

This is the JSON key, that you need to connect your Dialogflow Agent (project) with Landbot.

  1. Go back to Landbot, and in the Dialogflow select to add a new JSON key:

  1. A screen to add your recently downloaded JSON key will display, browse and select the file to be uploaded:

  1. And finally, your Dialogflow Agent, will be ready in Landbot

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