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Note block

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For Landbot (Web)

With this block, you can add all the important information in form of notes anywhere on the canvas to keep track of your flows and ideas in all your bots. Great for collaborative Landbots and huge flows!

To create a "Note" block, click on the desired block's green output you want to continue the flow from, pull an arrow to the desired place where you want to place the new block to be and leave the arrow, then a block selector will display. Write "Note" in the block selector and click onΒ Note.

Block anatomy & set up

Here we will explain things that you can do in the Note block:

  • Note description: Add the text to explain what is the Note about
  • Bold: Select the text that you want to bold and click on "B" below the text area.
  • Italic: Select the text that you want to make italic and click on "I" below the text area.
  • Title: If you click on "H", you can make text bigger and use it to give the note a title.
  • HTML: When clicked, it will switch the message view to HTML mode, feel free to add there any piece of HTML you need.
  • List symbol: When clicked, it will transform a line into a list.
  • Clip icon: When clicked, you'll be able to add hyperlink.

Please keep in mind that Landbot only processes URLs added with HTTPS authentication. So make sure to add only URLs with the https:// πŸ˜‰

Media: If you click on the media icon, the Send Media screen will display, here you can add a picture or GIF (from Giphy) to make your note even more self explanatory.

  • Adjust the size: The Note block, by default, has the minimum size, but you can expand it to the right side to adjust it to your needs.
  • Agent's name and time: Below the Note description you'll see the exact time and agent's name who had created/updated the note.

Troubleshooting & Faqs

Will a note be displayed in the bot?

No, it won't it will be visible only for you inside the builder πŸ‘€

For WhatsApp

This block behaves exactly the same way as in the Landbot (web) version.

For Facebook Messenger

This block behaves exactly the same way as in the Landbot (web) version.

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