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With this block you can add all the important information in form of notes anywhere on the canvas to keep track of your flows and ideas in all your bots. Great for collaborative Landbots and huge flows!

To create a "Note" block, click on the desired block's green output you want to continue the flow from, pull an arrow to the desired place where you want to place the new block to be and leave the arrow, then a block selector will display. Write "Note" in the block selector and click onย Note.

Block anatomy & set up

The Note block has 3 editable parts:

  1. Title: Give the note a title

  1. Note description: Add the text you to explain what is the Note about

  1. Media: If you click on the icon in the left bottom corner, the Send Media screen will display, here you can a picture or gif (from Giphy) to make your note even more self explanatory.

Note block Troubleshooting & Faqs

Will a note be displayed in the bot?

No, it won't it will be only for you inside the builder ๐Ÿ‘€

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