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Embed the bot into your Website

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Do you want to have your Landbot under your own domain? Here you'll find the HTML snippet you need to insert on your website to give a fresh new look to your old and beloved ".com"!

If you click on Choose how do you want your Landbot to display, you'll see a drop-down where you can choose between three different types of integration: 

Find a list of great examples or Landing pages using Landbot in this article from our blog.

Full page (default)

The classic format, a Fullpage landbot to maximize the attention and sky-rocket your conversion rate

The bot will be displayed just like you see it in the Share with a Link (or preview) mode of your bot.

With this option, you will be able to display a Popup modal, covering most of the visible screen with the Landbot.

By default, this option launches the bot automatically from the widget.


This is the most common option to add Landbot to your Website and display it as an iframe, as it gives you more flexibility on the location of the bot.

It also can be used to create great user experiences if it is communicating with the parent site, with the help of our SDK.

Live chat 

This will add a chat bubble at the bottom right of your website that, when clicked, will display a Live Chat.

Proactive Message

You have this function available with the Livechat and Pop Up widgets.

This feature will help you capture the attention of the users, and bring them to click on the widget easily.

Landbot 3 🚀

The Proactive message does not change the snippet of the bot. So you can just enable it, apply changes and save the bot, and it will be automatically implemented into your bot.

Please check out this article to find more information on how to customize the Proactive message.

Improve SEO Performance (Landbot 3 only)

If you choose to embed the bot in the Livechat or Popup modes, you will find the option to improve SEO and Performance.

 If you choose this option, the snippet will have an extra code in order to delay the charging of the bot until the user's cursor moves (on desktop) or the screen is touched (mobile).

Please note that If you select that checkbox, an extra code will be added to the Script to embed your bot.

If you already had your bot embedded, make sure that you have that extra part too!

Customizing the Widget/Bubble

If you choose to embed your bot in the Livechat or Popup mode, you will have a Widget (bubble) that allows the users to access the bot.

Please check out this article to see how to customize this Widget/bubble.

How to insert Landbot's HTML Snippet

To know more about inserting Landbot's HTML Snippet into the most popular Landing Page providers out there, check the following articles:


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Embed with iframe

Please find the tutorial in this article.

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