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Custom System Messages

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For Web

Custom System Messages are the automatic help and error texts shown by default within your bot's interface, and also the place where to translate bot default messages to your preferred language.

Final view in Landbot 2:

Final view in Landbot 3 ๐Ÿš€:

You'll find this section inside your Landbot's editor by clicking onย ย Settings > Custom System Messages.

When you click on this option, you will see many options to customize the automatic system messages sent by the bot.

Please note that some Custom System Messages will not displayed on Mobile devices.

Here you can customize the following texts:

Input Texts

All the generic "Type Here" system messages, when you give the user the option to type texts, through an input field in your bot.

Help texts

All the default texts to tell visitors how to perform the key actions.

(e.g. "Choose an option", "Press enter to send", "Drop a File here", etc)

You can also customize the "Multi-option help" of the Multiple Choices option of Buttons option

In the next example "Choose at least 1 and up to 4" according to your settings:


Specific actions such as Send, Back, and Search.

We can also modify the messages for specific blocks such as Question. File, Question: Picture Choice, and Stripe Payments Integration.

We will also find the option to edit the Load old messages button.

This button will appear on Mobile Devices for bots with the Second Visit Settings set to Provide buttons to start again or continue the conversation.

Question fields

When we ask for an email, the placeholder text by default is "Type your email here".

Here you can change the field name (in the example, "email") for anything your visitors will better understand.ย 

Error message

If your Landbot has been disabled or your visitor's internet network fails, this error message will be displayed.

Make each question validation error customizable: when you have a type of question that has a built-in validation system, you can enable this option to customize the message the users will see when they provide an answer that is not in the expected format.

For example, in the Question: Email block, the bot will expect input of xxx@xxxx.xx .

If you want to customize the message the users will get when they don't answer in this format, choose this option, and then edit the message in the block itself ๐Ÿ˜‰

Then you will see the customizable message in each of the specific questions blocks:

Don't forget to Save Changes in the block before you continue, and that this feature is only available for verification of the question blocks.

It is necessary to customize every question block, the alteration of one block will not apply to the others.

Second visit

Landbot recognizes the second time a user visits our Landbot and will ask if he/she wants to start over or continue the conversation. Customize this message here.

Clickย ย Saveย to save yourย Custom System Messages.

Human Takeover

It is possible to customize the assignation message and the Agent profile text that appears when the Human Takeover happens.

Media block

You can add these types of files: doc (Word), Excel, .csv files

All these files will have the same image in the builder and will be automatically downloaded on your device once the user clicks on the open file:

You can also customize through Settings > Custom System Messages > Buttons > Open File Button:

Audio and video players are not customizable and can change slightly depending on browser and devices.

For WhatsApp

It is only possible to customize the error messages in WhatsApp bots, making each question validation error customizable:

Once you enable this toggle and save changes, you will be able to customize the validation error message within the blocks' configuration which has this option, for example:

It's especially useful for WhatsApp bots, where the user always has the text input field available, so you can use the error message to explain the correct format to answer the question.

For example, with the Keyword options block the user can either type the number corresponding to his choice or one of the keywords, so you can customize the error message to explain the correct format:

For Messenger

It is only possible to customize the error messages in Messenger bots, making each question validation error customizable:

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