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Question: Picture Choice block

For Landbot (Web)

Picture choice question: as visual as it can be! Provide options in form of images your visitors can select:

  1. First, drag and drop the green dot and type in "Picture Choice" to create this type of question.
  2. You'll see a menu where you can a Card which will be the picture option, the variable name where the answer will be saved will be @pictures by default, but you can customize it!

  1. Once you add the first Card, you will be able to customize the title, image, external link, and extra options like Description, Details, Highlighted, Button text.
    Besides, you will see a little preview of how it will look like.

First of all, you will have to add a question in the Message section, then in the title, you have to write the name of the Card which will be related to the Question, for example:


You can click on Add an image to send media through: Upload your file (Browse), From URL or Giphy.

It's possible to edit the image fit and move the image only in the images Uploaded from your file:

Here you have two options:

Add an external link to each picture so that when the user clicks on the picture, a new tab (window) will be opened with the link you have added to that option.

But you must add it by typing " HTTPS:// before the link for it to work correctly.

Warning: the URL must be an HTTPS://Β otherwise you will get an error that will not allow you to save changes.

Extra options


Here you can write the main description of the Card:


Here you write several details like relevant information about the card:


Here you write short important information or you can also add a rating according to your card:

Button Text

This section is mainly for the CTA sync with the Link of the external link added /search?q=@{variable}

You just have to write the name that you want to give to the Button:

Allows you to have an image with text.

It is mandatory to add the same image in the image footer, otherwise, the card will not have an image.

Card without Image with footer:

Card with Image with footer:

Final view in the Builder of Landbot 3 after adding more Cards

Final view of the Chatbot in Landbot 3:

Landbot 2 will remain the same as before, all the updates are just in Landbot 3 πŸ‘†πŸ»

Final view of the Chatbot in Landbot 2:

For WhatsApp

This block/functionality is not compatible with WhatsApp.

For Facebook Messenger

This block/functionality is not compatible with Messenger.

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