Picture Choice

For Landbot (Web)

Picture choice question: as visual as it can be! Provide options in form of images your visitors can select:

  1. First, drag and drop the green dot and type in "Picture choice" to create this type of question.
  2. You'll see a menu where you can add text, format it, and customize the variable name where the answer will be saved (by default @pictures), right at the bottom:
  3. Then, click on Add another button and start adding buttons + images:
    Click on Add an image to upload your own. You can even hyperlink images!
  4. Finally, this is what a Picture choice question looks like in the conversation, isn't it cool?

For WhatsApp

For a list of all the blocks and current functionalities with Whatsapp bots, please check here

This block/functionality is not compatible with Whatsapp

For Facebook Messenger

Coming soon

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