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Subscription Section (v3)

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Want to change your plan or your billing details? Check invoices or add a new payment method? You can do this and more from the Subscription section of your Account!

To access the Subscription section, click on your avatar, in the bottom-left corner of your Dashboard, then click on Subscription.

In the Subscription section you will find 3 sub-sections: (i) Plans & pricing, (ii) Subscription, and (iii) Invoices. We'll go through all of them one by one.

Plans & pricing

Plans comparison

In the Plans & pricing page, you're going to find the Plans comparison:

Yearly Pricing

Click on the tab to show what you would be paying monthly, if you were to opt for the yearly pricing (with a discount of 20%):

Features comparison

If you scroll down you will find a table with the full list of features and the plans what they are (or not) included.


Current subscription

Under the option "current subscription", you will be able to see your current plan, and the number of Seats (Teammates) you have added to your account.

In the example below, we are on a Business plan with 2 seats.

Payment method

In this section it is possible to edit the information about the Credit Cards you use to pay for your Premium plan, performing the following actions:

  1. Add a Credit Card: You can add a credit card at any time by clicking on Add Payment Method:

Insert the card number, the expiration date and the CVC, then click on Add card:

  1. Change the Credit Card used: If you need to add another credit card, click on Add another credit card, just below your first card.
  2. Delete a Credit Card: You can delete a payment method by clicking on the Delete button.
    Note: Please keep in mind that if you are paying for a Premium plan, you must have at least one saved credit card at all times.

    Please downgrade to the Sandbox (Free) plan first to delete all your payment methods. If you downgrade you will not lose the services because this will be provided until the end of the prepaid period and the account will be downgraded (Sandbox) after that. But If there is no payment method at the moment of the renewal, the subscription will be cancelled, and the bots will be disabled.

Billing details

To edit your Billing details, click on the pencil icon at the bottom of the subscription page.

Please keep in mind that these are the details that are going to show on your payment invoices.

You can insert your details as a Company or as a physical person (Personal):

  • For Company Accounts, you need to insert your VAT number (or equivalent tax registry number from the country).
  • For Personal accounts, you need to insert your Personal ID Number.
Please note that VAT number/Personal ID fields will appear after you select the country

How to upgrade

If you want to change your plan to a superior one (Upgrade), you can do it by clicking on Change my plan > choose a plan from the Plans & Pricing page > Click on Upgrade now.

It is also possible to do it by clicking directly on the Upgrade Now button (as you can see in the right side of the following example).

Both ways will lead you to a 3 step Payment Process:

  1. Step one: Billing details
    Insert or revise your billing details, then click on Save & Continue.
  2. Step two: Payment method
    Insert or choose your Payment method, then click on Confirm & continue.

  1. Step three: Confirmation

Choose the plan you want to upgrade to, and choose if you want to pay monthly or yearly (20% off).

Please make sure to revise the billing breakdown, which is the summary of the transaction.

If you have a Promo Code, you can type and apply it in the corresponding field (at the top-right corner) before you click on Confirm Upgrade.

By clicking on Confirm Upgrade you are paying the new subscription, and a confirmation message will appear.

If you are upgrading from a Sandbox (Free) plan, you will see this Welcome Onboard screen, and you'll be able to book a quick onboarding call with us. You can't miss this opportunity!

  1. Extra: Check your new Subscription status

If you go back to the Subscription page, you'll see your current plan and the date your account will be changed to the new plan.

The changes will reflect also on the Plans & pricing page, where your new plan will be labeled as Your current plan.

7 days money back policy

If you upgraded and decided that the new plan did not work for you, we guarantee aย 7 days money-back guarantee period.ย This means thatย you can enjoy the plan you upgraded to for 7 days and then decide if it worth it according to your needs.

Please find more information about our Refund Policy in this same article.


After every payment, an invoice will generated in your Invoices section. It is possible to download the invoices as a PDF by clicking on Download.

If you need to update the information about your next invoice, you can do that at the Billing details in the Subscription section. Click here to see how to do it.

How to downgrade

All Premium plans are recurring, regardless if monthly or yearly. If you wish to unsubscribe without getting charged again, you must downgrade your plan before your prepaid period ends.ย 

Need to take a step back from the features you currently have in your plan? You can switch your account to another plan by Downgrading.

If you want to Downgrade to a plan with less features, or to the Sandbox (Free) plan, you can do it by clicking on Downgrade, under the chosen plan, in the Plans & Pricing questions.

If you choose the Sandbox (free) plan, you'll be redirected to a bot which will ask you the reason for your Downgrade (cancellation of subscription). This information is of great value for us, since it'll surely help us improve!

Note: Please keep in mind you must complete the bot to cancel your subscription. It won't take long (about 15 seconds) and you are free to answer anything!

After you complete the bot, you'll be redirected to your subscription page, which will show the new state of your subscription. In the case of the screenshot below, the plan stays the same till the date of the September the 30th.

Please note that your account will only be downgraded at the end of the current billing cycle. That means if you have until the end of the prepaid period to enjoy the features of the old plan.

Refund policy

This refund policy is not applicable for the extra volume of chats consumed.

If you exceed the free chats included in the plan, the refund will only cover the Base plan.

If you forgot to cancel the subscription before being charged again, you have a grace period of:

(i) 3 days to cancel the subscription and ask for a refund for Monthly plans.

(ii) 7 days to cancel the subscription and ask for a refund for Yearly plans.

No exceptions will be made, and the refund will never be more than the amount of the last invoice charged (1 month for monthly plans, 1 year for yearly plans).


If you upgraded and decided that the new plan did not work for you, we guarantee aย 7 day money-back guarantee period.ย This means thatย you can enjoy the plan you upgraded to for 7 days and then decide if it's worth it according to your needs ๐Ÿ˜‰

7 day period is calculated from the moment of the upgrade, and can be required only once.
IMPORTANT: For subscriptions that include a WhatsApp integration, the 7-day refund policy doesn't apply if the official phone number has already been requested. There's a 50โ‚ฌ fee that comes to each request that would be deducted from the refund.

Payment FAQs

Do you have any doubts about payment that were not solved in this article? Please check ourย Payment FAQย ๐Ÿ˜‰

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