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List Buttons Block (WhatsApp)

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This feature is available for 360Dialog channels only

The List Buttons block allows you to create a list of selectable items displayed as buttons.

Block editor:

You'll find the following sections:

  • Header
  • Text
  • Footer

List header

What you input here will display in this section of the list:

Formatted text is not allowed in List header/CTA, Items and Descriptions (example: *this* for bold text)
Sections & Items:

You'll be able to add up to 10 items:

  • Name of the item that will display in the button for the user
  • Description of the item - Max. 72 characters
  • Value you want to store in the variable
  • Group items in sections:

Tip: You can drag and drop to move items inside sections

Sections and items in WhatsApp interface will look like this:

For web:

This feature is not available

For Messenger:

This feature is not available

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