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List Buttons Block (WhatsApp)

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The List Buttons block allows you to create a list of selectable items displayed as buttons.

Block editor:

You'll find the following sections:

  • Header (optional)
  • Text
  • Footer (optional)
  • List header/CTA
  • Sections&Items

Header (optional)

You can add a header to customize the look of the block as per your needsπŸ˜‰

Formatted text is not allowed in List header/CTA, Items and Descriptions (example: *this* for bold text)

Here you can use variables and text formatting options, such as bold and cursive:

You can also add a footer to the List Buttons blockπŸ‘‡

List header/CTA

Here you should add the text that will appear in the CTA button to open a menu:

Sections & Items:

You'll be able to add up to 10 items:

  • Name of the item that will display in the button for the user
  • Description of the item - Max. 72 characters
  • The value you want to store in the variable (optional)
  • Group items in sections:

Tip: You can drag and drop to move items inside sections

Sections&Items in the WhatsApp interface will look like in this preview:

Any of the above output:

If your user types down their response, instead of choosing one of the options from the menu, the flow will go through this output.

In this case, their written input will not be saved in the variable, so if you want to save their response even if it's not one of the offered options, you can connect this output to the Collect Intent block! This way, the input will be saved in the variable set in the Collect Intent block πŸ‘

For Web:

This feature is not available for Web bots

For Messenger:

This feature is not available for Facebook Messenger bots

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