Flow Operations > Conditions II (with Dates, Usage and Agents variables)

Conditions with Dates

Sometimes we need to set up conditions to split our flow depending on dates. In this case there are four types of date variables:

  1. Date picker dates variables

In this case, dates can be picked in different formats, but the only format that will work with the Conditional is YYYY-MM-DD or YYYY/MM/DD.

  1. Usage details variables (created, last seen)

If the user did not cancel his/her cookies, according to the id it will be possible to detect when it was created and when it was the last day the user used the bot:

  1. Time reference variables (today, yesterday and tomorrow)

It detects the current day, the day before or after:

  1. Custom variables (from a webhook, set variable, integration or user input)

Sometimes we pull information from outside sources or maybe we need to the user to add it, for example with a button:

Conditions with Usage (browser information)


This is the url that contains the Bot, where is embedded


Country where the bot is being used (not always available)

Browser/navigator, Device and OS

Information related to the system used by the bot visitor. More information about it in this link

Conditions with Agents (online or offline)

Agents Online

This is the easiest solution to split the conversation to an agent only if there is any online. If there is anyone online, it will be True, then Green output, otherwise it will be False and Red output.

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