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for landbot (Web)

In some occasions we might need to break our Bot in different parts or use other flows for more than one issue, and at the same time, just edit one flow that you can use many times. Here is where Jump to, can be really useful. Below are the 3 options you can use the Jump to Block:

Jump to a Bot (Welcome Message of other Bot)

In case you want to jump to the Welcome Message of another bot and continue the conversation from that point

Jump to a Block or Brick (in a different Bot)

In case you want to jump to a specific point in the flow of another bot

First select the name of the Bot:

Then paste the reference number

Jump to a Block or Brick (in the same Bot)

In case you want to jump inside the same bot. Very useful for large bots. Just select the same name of your current bot

How to find out Block reference
  1. Hover the Block desired
  2. Right click on the desired Block and an option will display to Copy the Reference number
  3. Paste the Reference number in the Jump Bot section

  1. Any customizations (CSS, Javascript, Design, Backgroud, Persistent Menu...) will be only from the First Bot where the Jump was originated.
  2. Cannot be used to Jump from Bots built with different versions (old builder - bricks builder)
  3. All variables will be stored in the original bot
  4. It's not compatible with flow analytics

for Whatsapp

For a list of all the blocks and current functionalities with Whatsapp bots, please check here

This block behaves exactly the same way as in the landbot (web) version, but only can connect with Whatsapp bots

for Messenger

Coming soon

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