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Xano Database

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What is Xano

Xano isΒ the fastest way to build a powerful, scalable backend for your app without code. Xano gives you a scalable server, a flexible database, and a NO CODE API builder that can transform, filter, and integrate with data from anywhere.

Getting Started

Import from Airtable

When you create an account you'll see a prompt asking you to connect your Airtable account

If you have an existing Airtable base, enter your Airtable API key:

You'll then have the option to import a base:

Once you've imported it you'll have the option to import tables:

This is what your database tables will look like:

After you've imported the tables you can then set up the API endpoint, this is the endpoint that Landbot will call from the webhook

Set up the endpoint

Select API from the left panel:

Select 'Add API Group' and then select 'Add API Endpoint':

Select CRUD Database Operations:

Select the table you'd like to call:

Select an operation:

Copy the endpoint:

In the bot:

Paste it in a webhook block in your bot:

Test the request and save the response as an array:

Now you can display the data in a Dynamic Data block

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