For Landbot (Web)

If there's something that makes Landbot special it is how you can use Buttons to create efficient, engaging and easy-to-follow experiences.

Buttons are elements your users can click to move on to the next block in the conversation. To create a Buttons type block, drag and drop the green dot and select Buttons:

Then, you can add more messages to the question by clicking on the "+" symbol and create buttons by typing in anything within the pink rectangles. Press Enter to add more buttons, and drag them to change their position.

Youtube videos are not compatible as media in Buttons Questions. Need to be in different blocks

If you click on the three dots of the top right of the block you'll open the full Buttons block configurator, which looks like this:

You'll see a bunch of things to configure here, but let's go step by step!

  1. Advanced buttons editor: Here you can add content (cogwheel), re-arrange (dots columned) and delete (bin icon) buttons. Click on the cogwheel to to configure each block:
  • Button Style: choose what type of media you want to add to your buttons: an icon, an emoji or an image.
  • External link: if you want to redirect your users to an external URL whenever they click a button, enter it here!
  1. Buttons options (advanced):
  • Buttons alignment: when you have several buttons, you may want to change their alignment from horizontal to vertical. Try the style that better looks!
  • Searchable options: when you provide +10 options, turn this feature on so users can start typing and filter among all the button showed!
  • Multiple choices: let your users select more than one option by clicking on the toggle.

  1. Save answers in the field: as in any other question block, the answer (click[s]) will be stored in a variable. Set it here!

For WhatsApp

For a list of all the blocks and current functionalities with WhatsApp bots, please check here

Since WhatsApp doesn't allow buttons, those will be displayed as a numbered list of choices, so the valid answer to this type of questions will be typing the number corresponding to your choice.

For Facebook Messenger

Coming soon

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