For Landbot (Web)

You can configure a final message with super-powers in your flow: perform redirections, add Social Sharing buttons or allow your users to start again the flow with just a couple of clicks!

The Goodbye Message is only available on premium plans.

  1. As you may know, all blocks are grouped into different categories. The category you need to create a Goodbye message is the Flow Operations:

  1. Click on Goodbye message and the block editor will open on your left:

  1. Here, you'll see a block configuration menu where you can:
  • Add a text to your goodbye message using the text field on top:

  • Add social sharing buttons by clicking on the toggle, that will look like this:

  • Custom the Share Description using the text field to edit the message:

  • Add a Start Again button visitors can click to start the chatbot conversation again:

  • Add a redirection URL visitors will be sent to after 5 seconds once the Goodbye message is delivered:

Now you can easily customise the end of your landbot, go out there and design awesome experiences! 🚀

Remember, you cannot use more than one option at the same time!

For WhatsApp

For a list of all the blocks and current functionalities with WhatsApp bots, please check here

This functionality is partially supported in WhatsApp:

  • The Goodbye Message is displayed
  • Social icons are not displayed
  • If a link is set up to redirect, it will be displayed as a static url, but no further action will be taken
  • The chat won't CLOSE, but if the user interacts again with the bot, it will start from the beginning of the bot

For Facebook Messenger

Coming soon

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