Account and Company

Learn how to manage your user and company information seamlessly.

Click on the avatar at the top right of your dashboard and select Account or Company:

  1.  Account. Here we'll find all the information related to our profile, namely:
    1. First name
    2. Surname/Second name
    3. Password / Confirm your password
    4. Email
    5. API Token. The token that allows your user to use Zapier and other API to build integrations.
  2. Company. Here you can modify your billing information, among others:
    1. Company full name.
    2. Contact phone.
    3. Contact email.
    4. Address
    5. ZIP
    6. City.
    7. Country.
    8. Company Registration Number.
    9. VAT.
    10. Currency.
    11. Autoassign. If checked, the system will automatically assign conversations to the agents connected and available. Learn more about assignment here.Learn more about connection status here.
    12. Autocreate Tickets. If checked, the system will create a ticket with every new conversation and will ask you to close it or leave it open once you archive the chat. Learn more about ticketing here.
Auto-assignment is only available for Professional and Business accounts, that allow you to take over conversations as a human. Auto-ticketing is only available for Business Accounts.
If you want your invoices to contain all the relevant information about your company make sure you keep this section up to date!

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